Goodhatch is a design-driven product and brand incubator.

Drawing from our eclectic professional backgrounds and diverse skillsets, Goodhatch takes a holistic approach to developing brands and businesses. In our experience with Fortune 500 companies and startups alike, we've learned that a siloed and prescribed process for development is often inefficient and can lead to unnecessary compromise. Instead we take an intuitive, organic approach to streamline development of all touchpoints of a customer's experience.

Through design-thinking, we integrate consumer insights, product design, manufacturing, marketing and retail considerations while maintaining focus on the brand experience and business success. With this approach, Goodhatch has nurtured Soundfreaq, G-Project and Capello to critical and commercial success bringing dozens of products to market with mass distribution and millions of products sold.

Founding Partners

Matthew Paprocki

Matthew Paprocki is a co-founder of Goodhatch and has participated in the launch, brand management, and oversight of all the firm's ventures to date. Matt's focus lies in the creation and design of products for the existing brands, and identification of new opportunities for Goodhatch.

In November 2010, Matthew co-founded and launched Soundfreaq, a critically acclaimed wireless speaker company. Matthew serves as the Creative Director of Soundfreaq and leads design and development of the product and brand experience. His knowledge and experience has helped Soundfreaq launch a line of award-winning Bluetooth speakers that have been included in WIRED magazine's "Gear of the Year" and been honored as "Best in Show" at CES from iLounge in both 2012 and 2013.

In 2010, both Matt and Amanda Coplan (see below) launched G-Project, which focuses on ruggedized wireless speakers built for an on-the-go lifestyle. G-Project entered the market with rave reviews from consumers for its durable, real-world speaker design. In 2013 G-Project expanded their line to five products including G-BOOM which earned "Speaker of the Year" distinction from iLounge.

In 2003, Matthew co-founded the design consultancy, Boombang, where he developed premium consumer brands and products for Disney, HP, Memorex, Paul Mitchell, JBL, Target, Bath & Body Works, Nickelodeon, National Geographic, KitchenAid, Trojan and K2.

Matthew began his design career at Fitch Inc, the largest cross-disciplinary design firm in the world at the time, where for 10 years he gained experience in integrated product and brand development for companies such as Compaq, Chiron, Compaq, Iomega and Sun Microsystems.

Matthew graduated from The Ohio State University where he studied mechanical engineering and product development. From 1998-2001 Matthew taught industrial design thesis at CCAC (California College of the Arts) in San Francisco.


Amanda Coplan

Amanda Coplan is a co-founder of Goodhatch and has participated in the launch, brand management, and oversight of all the firm's ventures to date. Amanda's focus lies in the creation and curation of Goodhatch brands, as well as marketing and public relations management for all Goodhatch ventures.

Amanda also serves as VP of Marketing for Soundfreaq where she leads brand development and brings decades of experience in brand strategy, marketing and entertainment that has helped Soundfreaq develop a meaningful and differentiated position in the crowded CE space.

Prior to Soundfreaq, Amanda worked in feature films at Maverick Films, Warner Independent Pictures and helped launch The Film Department, an independent film production, finance, and sales company, where she served as VP of Development & Production. She worked in development and production on features including March of the Penguins, Good Night and Good Luck, and The Science of Sleep.

Before her work in entertainment, Amanda joined Tattoo, a brand and customer-centric business strategy boutique in San Francisco, managing projects including a global brand audit for Cirque du Soleil. Prior to Tattoo, Amanda's initial passion for brand work and marketing led her to Fitch, an international, multi-disciplinary design firm, where she worked in communications, branding and business development for such clients as New Line Home Entertainment and Ask Jeeves.

Amanda graduated from State University of New York at Oswego with a degree in mathematics.

Goodhatch's first ventures have focused on bringing more music into people's lives through our work in the consumer audio space. We've been the creative force behind brands such as Soundfreaq, G-Project and Capello. In addition to managing these brands, Goodhatch is also exploring ventures in the health & beauty, baby, and pet product spaces.


Soundfreaq is a global co-op of craftsmen ‒ designers and engineers ‒ with deep expertise in consumer electronics and a passion for great sound. By working outside the limitations of a traditional corporate structure, Soundfreaq is able to develop products from the ground up that deliver premium sound for a wireless world and provide maximum value to consumers. All Soundfreaq speakers stream audio wirelessly, making every product compatible with today's and tomorrow's wireless devices.

Soundfreaq's wireless speakers have been honored with multiple awards, including the "Mashable Choice" award in 2013, "Best in Show" from iLounge at CES 2013 and 2012 and "Gear of the Year" from WIRED Magazine in 2011.


G-Project is dedicated to creating speakers and accessories for smart devices that are rugged and real world ready. Always built with durability and portability in mind, G-Project creates lifestyle products for on-the-go, adventurous consumers. G-Project utilizes the backgrounds of the Goodhatch team in design, technology, and music to create award-winning speakers that serve as the backbone of G-Project's emerging California lifestyle brand.

In its first year, G-Project expanded its line to five products, including G-BOOM, which earned the 2013 "Speaker of the Year" award from iLounge.


Founded by Goodhatch in 2011, Capello was launched as a wide brand of consumer products, from speakers and audio docks to alarm clocks and DVD players. Capello brings together quality products and modern design at an affordable price. Goodhatch created Capello as an exclusive brand for Target and, with an eye towards expanding into other product categories for the Target guest.

"The Goodhatch team exhibited a rare blend of skills to bring the Capello brand to life: an understanding of consumer wants and needs, stylish and approachable industrial design, quality functional & audio performance, and in-store marketing, packaging, and POP displays to make these come to life in stores. The team earned my trust in collaboratively developing products from the ground up and iterating quickly based on feedback to deliver outstanding, unmatched value to the guest."

Nate Ertl, Target Corporation

The depth and breadth of experience among our principals enabled the creation of Goodhatch, a company rooted in the strength of its methods and human capital. We have applied these assets to our own ventures with success, and are now seeking select partnerships with emerging companies to marry promising ideas, brands, and products with our proven development team.

With an eye towards start-ups and growth-oriented businesses, Goodhatch seeks to apply this holistic approach to shape the complete customer experience. This approach balances the considerations of consumer, product, manufacturing, marketing and retail strategies. Our participation affords our partnerships access to Goodhatch's executive and operational teams, and networks in virtually all facets of consumer product development and brand establishment.

The goal of Goodhatch is to complement the underlying principles and practices of our partners, rather than to effect change in them. Goodhatch does not exist as a "for-hire" firm, but rather one that seeks partnerships and ventures that its development process can serve.

To this end, Goodhatch is currently considering collaborations with companies operating or aspiring to operate under the following parameters:

  • Building lifestyle consumer brands
  • Selling products, not services
  • Developing meaningful consumer experiences, rather than a quick marketplace exit
  • Developing meaningful consumer experiences, rather than a quick marketplace exit
  • Seeking a path-to-market of no longer than 18 months

While we believe that our experience and approach can be applied across a number of consumer industries and segments, Goodhatch is currently most focused on the following categories for partnership:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Health & beauty
  • Pet
  • Baby

In approaching the structure and nature of partnerships, a case-by-case analysis is performed for every opportunity. While we've enjoyed success with certain structures in the past, we seek to understand the sensitivities and unique circumstances of each potential partnership. The only result that matters is turning a good idea into a great experience for the customer, and ultimately, the stakeholders.

If you feel that you've got something on your hands that fits our criteria, and you feel we may fit yours, please reach out to us, and let's discuss working together.

Drop us a line.